Neue Tests und Vergleiche der Canon EOS 6D (Übersicht)

Canon EOS 6D Test Erfahrung

Ich hatte ja schon vor einigen Tagen mein dezentes Interesse an der Vollformat-Canon 6D geäußert. 🙂

Käufer und Redaktionen konnten in der Zwischenzeit noch mehr konkrete Erfahrungen sammeln und so sind mittlerweile auch noch einige Testberichte und Erfahrungsberichte mehr draußen, die ich hier mal kurz zusammenfassen möchte. Kurzes Fazit schon mal zu Beginn: Zum Fotografieren super, zum Filmen eher geht so. Hier die Links zu den Tests, Beispielbilder finden sich auch dort:


“If you are most interested in stills and don’t care that much about video quality, the 6D is a great value—it produces top-notch pictures, with very few compromises, at a lower price than we’ve ever seen. But if you are looking for the video prowess of the 5D Mark III, plan to pony up that extra $900.”


CHIP Online:

“Canon bietet mit der EOS 6D eine günstige Alternative zum Premium-Modell EOS 5D Mark III. Die Bildqualität der EOS 6D liegt auf ähnlich hohem Niveau und begeistert mit wenig Bildrauschen selbst bei hoher ISO-Empfindlichkeit. In puncto Qualität überholt die EOS 6D die Nikon-Konkurrenz D600.”


The Digital Picture:

“The 6D is a well-built, competent, professional-grade DSLR that delivers very impressive image quality at a low price point in a small body size. It is an ideal choice for travel, portrait and landscape photography.”



“For those purposes, the Canon 6D is a thrilling, welcome addition to Canon’s line-up, at a price that, while still expensive, won’t break the bank for a photographer looking for the expanded composition capabilities of a full-frame sensor. The areas where the Canon 6D falls short (outer AF points, relatively slow FPS for continuous shooting) aren’t important to me or my shooting style, and the advantages (excellent low-light performance, built-in Wi-Fi photo review and transfer) are extremely beneficial.”


Canon EOS 6D Test Erfahrung
Canon EOS 6D (Quelle: Canon)


Fro Knows Photo:

„This camera really kicked ass in so many situations from amazing RAW files, great build quality, great menu and button layout, great video and much much more. But the stinking autofocus system is its fatal flaw. It is very hard to rely on the one cross type focus point when in AI Servo aka continuos focus. […] In the end I enjoyed what the functionality and quality of this camera. I am very happy with the results of the stills and video alike. You have to keep in mind this is not a top of the line camera, its pretty much like a full frame rebel and you have to review it as such. If you are jumping into your first full frame camera you really can not go wrong with this camera. I think the positives outweigh the few negatives but it comes down to what you will be using the camera for. If your shooting just video than the autofocus has no bearing on you. If you shoot a lot of action than this is something to consider. „


Michael Stringer (Fotograf):

„In a nutshell – the 6D is a smaller, lighter and cheaper version of the 5D Mark III if you photograph static (or slow moving) subjects. Handling is different (to the 5D III) but mostly fine and easy to get used to especially if coming from a Canon 60D or similar. Image quality is excellent and predictable and noise at high iso is extremely well controlled and film-like. The build quality is very good – it feels solid but not surprisingly a step below the 5D III. […] Overall my impression is that it is a very capable and compact machine that takes excellent pictures quickly and stays out of my way.“



„All things considered, the Canon EOS 6D is an excellent choice for the enthusiast and club photographer looking for a full-frame DSLR. These users will find that they have just about everything they need, and a bit more besides.“


Canon Rumors:

„The Good (So far)
The image quality is top notch, I find colour rendition and dynamic range to be terrific.
Build quality, the camera doesn’t feel cheap.
The ergonomics are better than I thought they’d be.
The center AF point is quite good.

The Bad (So far)
Battery life is terrible if GPS and WiFi are on.
There was the odd time 1/8000 would have been nice.
The outer AF points, while better than the 5D2, aren’t as accurate as the center point.
I have big hands and the control pad inside the dial can be inaccurate if not pressed perfectly.“


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